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CASA GRANDE — A free workshop series is offered to families who wish to grow stronger and learn to better communicate.

The Casa Grande Alliance, a community coalition that aims to create a safe, healthy and drug-free community, begins its next Strong Families workshop series on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Strong Families engages families and prepares them for the pressures that kids experience as they grow into adolescents and young adults.

The program is open to families with children ages 10 to 14 years, including those having a difficult time with the transition to middle and high school and young people who are struggling with school.

The risk and protective factors that Strong Families is designed to target include:

Protective factors

  • Youth and family management practices, including monitoring, age-appropriate parental expectations and consistent discipline
  • Effective and empathetic parent-child communication
  • Promotion of healthy beliefs and clear standards
  • Family bonding and supportive family involvement
  • Goal setting and positive future orientation
  • Positive parent-child effect
  • Emotional management
  • Pro-social family values
  • Peer pressure refusal skills

Risk factors

  • Child and family management practices
  • Youth aggressive or withdrawn behavior
  • Favorable attitudes toward problem behaviors and substance use
  • Friends who engage in problem behaviors and negative peer influences
  • Poor social and stress management skills
  • Family conflict
  • Early initiation of problem behaviors
  • Early and persistent antisocial behavior
  • Poor school performance

The workshop is free. For more information or to RSVP, call 836-5022 or email


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