60 Days In

Season 5 of “60 Days In” was filmed at the Pinal County jail. The segments involving the jail premiered Jan. 3 on A&E Network.

FLORENCE — A television series that has civilians go undercover and pose as Pinal County jail inmates premiers Thursday at 10 p.m. on the A&E cable channel.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office provided access for producers of “60 Days In” to its jail facilities for the documentary series that will premier in January on the A&E Network.

The Pinal County Adult Detention Center in Florence is part of the fifth season for the show, which recruits volunteers to pose as inmates for 60 days inside a jail.

The show’s first two seasons aired in 2016 and took place at the Clark County Jail in Indiana. The last season took place at a jail in Georgia.

A&E producers said Pinal County’s diverse population was appealing to the production team.

Undercover volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds; some are teachers, retired cops or military veterans. PCSO is not involved with how civilians are selected to be on the show. The participants are given fake identities and instructed how to act around other inmates.

Producers tell the real inmates they’re filming a documentary about first-time jail inmates. Only a limited number of personnel are supposed to know about the undercover recruits so that participants can observe their job performance.

“60 Days In” is the second reality show to be filmed in Pinal County in the last year. Last October, the Board of Supervisors approved a contract to allow producers of “Live PD,” another A&E production, to follow PCSO deputies around on patrol.

The show will run each week on Thursday nights showing locally at 10 p.m.