Salon Organic

Salon Organic would like to thank their clients for supporting them through the pandemic. They are taking extra precautions for their clients and staff to keep their salon up-to-date on safety standards. This is what you can expect from them:

- Stations and furniture have been rearranged to comply with the new safety rules.

- During the shutdown from the Governor’s order, they still came to clean and disinfect the salon as usual.

-  Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a high priority in the salon. Salon Organic always disinfects with a hospital-grade cleanser and they take extra steps to clean chairs and other parts of the facility.

- An additional 15 to 20 minutes is now scheduled between appointments so there are not as many people in the salon at one time. Also, people who wait for clients now wait in their car or come back later.

- Clients must wear a mask in the salon. Aestheticists and Technicians wear gloves, masks and faceshields when working on clients.

- All tools and equipment are always washed, sanitized and sterilized with hospital-grade cleanser.

- Clients will notice a few changes aimed at complying with new state rules. They are very happy with how clean the salon is to make them safe. New clients say hygiene is the most important thing to them right now.

- During the shutdown from COVID-19, all staff underwent special training to learn enhanced cleaning techniques. They weren’t required to do the extra training, but they took it on themselves because they know how important it is. Also, they were trained with new and updated skills for their professional job.

- When clients first come into Salon Organic with their mask on, they wash their hands. Salon Organic requests that clients do not touch their belongings unless it’s an emergency. They do understand it is difficult to follow salon rules as well as state rules, but they are taking every possible precaution to keep their clients safe.

- Salon Organic appreciates how clients adapt to the “new normal.” Client support means everything to us, especially during this pandemic.

Salon Organic has been fully booked since reopening. They never rush clients out. They always take their time for the clients to make sure the job comes out beautiful. Once again, Salon Organic appreciates your business and loyalty that keeps them going.