Arizona AMAs

A map shows the different Active Management Areas in Arizona. The Pinal AMA, sandwiched between Phoenix and Tucson AMAs, is one of the three largest.

CASA GRANDE — The Pinal Groundwater Users Advisory Council met on Tuesday afternoon to review plans and fees of the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

David Snider was elected as the GUAC chair and William Collings as vice chair. These positions are elected every two years.

During the meeting the council was asked to review withdrawal fee rates and money collected in the past five years.

According to Statewide Active Management Area Director Einav Henenson, the current balance is nearly $214,000. However, $135,000 is committed to other projects. The available balance is nearly $79,000.

During the meeting, the board approved ensuring that the maximum fee for 2021 is a combined total of $3.

Natalie Mast from the Arizona Department of Water Resources provided updates on the Fourth Management Plan timeline and the Fifth Management Plan work group and subgroup activities. According to Mast, the Fourth Plan is on track.

According to Mast, the Fifth Management Plan work group has several goals. The group plans to assess conservation programs, update existing management strategies and develop new management strategies.

On the ADWR website, each proposal and plan divided by subgroups is available for the public to view. There is also information on how to submit comments.

During the meeting Henenson also shared that over 6,000 water annual reports are due and only 5,890 have been received. According to Henenson, the number is unusual compared to previous years but is most likely due to COVID-19.


Gabrielle Olivera is the Casa Grande reporter at PinalCentral, covering government, schools, business and more.