Pinal Ways Winter Edition

From historic sites that have been restored to serve new purposes to formerly popular hobbies that are making a comeback, there are many examples of reinvention in Pinal County.

The winter issue of Pinal Ways looks at a wide range of those examples and explores how many local organizations, businesses and community leaders have discovered ways to breathe new life into the old.

But the stories in the latest edition of the magazine touch upon more than what it took to reconstruct a beloved building or create thriving attractions dedicated to activities witnessing a resurgence in popularity. They also closely examine the importance and impact these projects have had on the communities in which they are located.

Though the motivations behind the projects varied widely, one topic brought up by many of the individuals featured in this issue was how reinvention can empower a community.

Whether by uplifting the overall look and feel of a city’s center through the restoration of a historic area or through reinstilling a sense of self-worth among individual community members, the act of taking something that others might consider outdated and giving it new value and meaning can have wide-reaching effects. The stories encompassed in the issue do their best to capture the impact such projects have had on Pinal communities.

The businesses, organizations and locations featured this edition are:

  • Grande Central Station
  • Casa Grande City Hall
  • Weird Kid Records
  • Santa Cruz Valley Historic Museum
  • Flashbacks Diner
  • The Francisco Cuen House and Butcher Shop
  • Redeemed Threads Thrift Shop
  • Kenilworth School and CUSD District Office
  • Casa Grande Roller Derby
  • Wahoo’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Collector Car Club of Coolidge
  • Run It Up Gaming Lounge
  • Desert Sky Mustang Club
  • Coolidge Historical Loop
  • Goldfield Ghost Town
  • Throwback Amusement Center

The winter 2020-21 issue of Pinal Ways also underwent a full redesign, which aimed to make the magazine’s logo and style elements more relatable to readers.

Another new feature to this edition is the inclusion of photos submitted by readers for the Pinal in Pictures section. Going hand-in-hand with the issue’s focus on reinvention, the latest Pinal in Pictures showcases a multitude of classic car photos submitted by professional photographers and classic car enthusiasts.

The submitted photos can be found by picking up a copy of the winter issue or by viewing the Pinal in Pictures gallery posted on You can discover the many forms of reinvention throughout Pinal County by picking up a copy of the winter issue anywhere Pinal Ways is sold.