Known for its fishing spots and resort options, Puerto Peñasco typically has peak tourist seasons in the spring and summer.

FLORENCE — The Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved a proclamation seeking to establish a “sister region” relationship with Puerto Penasco, Sonora, also known as Rocky Point, Mexico, to increase economic opportunity and prosperity for both regions.

The proclamation notes Puerto Penasco Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro recently visited with Pinal County staff to express his city’s desire to establish such a relationship, and Pinal County staff met with Puerto Penasco officials toward the same ends.

The proclamation further says Munro’s strategic projects positively align with Pinal County’s economic development plans in building industrial parks, strengthening ecotourism and health tourism, improving water delivery and improving law enforcement for safe tourism.

Levi Gibson, Pinal County’s representative on the Arizona-Mexico Commission, told the supervisors Wednesday it’s also an opportunity for the two regions to work on medical issues on each side of the border.

The proclamation further notes that many Pinal County residents and visitors frequently visit the beaches and resorts in Puerto Penasco and contribute to that region’s economic development as well as placing demands on the city’s public services.

The proclamation continues that many Puerto Penasco-area residents regularly visit Pinal County “and contribute to the local economy and to the cultural exchanges that are of interest to Pinal County residents.”


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