Oasis Health Center Nov 2021

The staff of Oasis Health Center. Dr. Gerald Muthu, center right in front, and Anna Glickman, front left, were nominated for “best doctor” and “best nurse,” respectively, in this year’s Greatest of the Grande contest. The center was nominated for “best medical center” overall.

As the number of COVID-19 cases has begun to shown a downward trend, Oasis Health Center has returned to normalcy — serving over 100 patients per day.

Dr. Gerald Muthu said that his team of providers and office staff were grateful to be nominated again for the “Greatest of the Grande” award.

“It’s nice to be recognized,” Muthu said. “We will continue to serve our community.”

This year Oasis Health Center received three nominations in the Greatest of the Grande competition: Anna Glickman was nominated as “best nurse,” Muthu was nominated as “best doctor” and Oasis was nominated for “best medical practice” overall.

Oasis Health Center opened its doors in 2000. The practice includes Dr. Gerald Muthu, MD, Dr. Deborah Hudak, DO, Anna Glickman, FNP, Katherine Voight, FNP, and 15 employees.

Muthu’s three dogs also make guest appearances in the practice at times, greeting staff and patients. When PinalCentral visited the office, Max, the Australian shepherd, joined the staff for a group photo.

“I couldn’t do it without my staff,” Muthu stressed.

Muthu, an internist, has been a doctor in Casa Grande since 1997. He graduated from Madras Medical College in India before joining a fellowship program in England. He completed his residency program in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Muthu is also part of fellowships with the Royal College of Physicians Glasgow and the American College of Physicians.

In 2019, Muthu and his staff took over running the free Stanfield Medical Clinic after the doctor who had been running it for several years retired. The free clinic is housed at First Baptist Church in Stanfield. Muthu reopened the clinic in November 2019 and has been working to modernize the facility.

Muthu’s children are also in the medical field — his daughter is leaving for medical school in May and his son is a medical school graduate.

Shreya, his daughter, is a part-time phlebotomist at Oasis Health Center. After obtaining her medical degree from LECOM, she plans to return to Casa Grande to serve the community.

“I grew up here in the doctor’s office,” Shreya said. “I always knew I wanted to do medicine. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the patients and I learn new things every day just by being here.”

The COVID-19 pandemic made a temporary impact on Oasis Health Center. For a few months, the clinic was conducting telemedicine appointments. Staff at the facility are still taking precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19 — wearing masks and other protective equipment.

Oasis Health Center, 1653 E. McMurray Blvd., Suite 132, sees adult patients. For more information, call 520-876-0478.


Aaron Dorman is the Casa Grande reporter at PinalCentral, covering government, schools, business and more. He can be reached at adorman@pinalcentral.com.