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SAN TAN VALLEY — EPCOR USA has received a $250,000 state grant to build a pipeline to distribute treated wastewater to farms and reduce the demand for groundwater pumping.

Owner of the former Johnson Utilities, EPCOR has committed to deliver up to 2,200 acre-feet of reclaimed water annually — enough to cover more than 2,200 football fields in a foot of water — from the Pecan Wastewater Treatment Plant to the New Magma Irrigation and Drainage District, the company announced.

Located between Queen Creek and Florence, the NMIDD encompasses approximately 27,000 irrigable acres. EPCOR will deliver highly treated reclaimed water to the district through this new pipeline.

“The Pecan to New Magma Reclaim Water Line is a creative long-term solution for our San Tan customers and helps conserve vital reclaimed water resources,” EPCOR USA President Joe Gysel said. “We’re grateful for the grant from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, which will help us put this important new infrastructure in the ground.”

This project supports water management goals in the Phoenix Active Management Area. Under the terms of the Lower Colorado Basin Drought Contingency Plan, Arizona stakeholders agreed to offset Central Arizona Project water reductions to agricultural users by making alternate sources available. EPCOR is the only private water company participating in the DCP mitigation agreement.


Mark Cowling is the county reporter for PinalCentral and covers the town of Florence, San Tan Valley and the surrounding area. He can be reached at mcowling@pinalcentral.com.