Lucid Presentation

Mike Boike, Lucid Motors senior manager of manufacturing, speaks to the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce in 2019 at Robson Ranch about how technology and luxury came together to make the Lucid Air.

CASA GRANDE — Due to COVID-imposed delays, Lucid Motors is now tracking toward selling vehicles as early as it can in the second half of 2021 but not sooner.

“As many companies have experienced, the advent of COVID-19 has proven to be a significant challenge,” CEO Peter Rawlinson said in a newsletter. “From testing activities to supplier availability to preparing for sales and service, COVID-19 has affected all work streams.”

According to the newsletter, the company has worked diligently to minimize these impacts.

“Yet despite the excellent progress made in all areas, we now know that we won’t be able to start delivering Lucid Air this spring at the level of quality we insist on providing,” Rawlinson said in the statement. “Be assured, we won’t rest until we have our first customers behind the wheel of Lucid Air.”

“If this means it will take a bit more time, then this is what we must do,” Rawlinson said. “I’ve recently driven the latest Lucid Air release candidate vehicles built by our manufacturing team in our brand-new factory in Arizona, and I am thrilled with how the car has come together.”

Earlier this week, the company announced a proposed merger with Churchill Capital Corp. IV to make the company publicly traded.

“We are pleased to partner with Peter and the rest of Lucid’s leadership team as it delivers the highly anticipated Lucid Air to market later this year, promising significant disruption to the EV (electric vehicle) market and creating thousands of jobs across the U.S.,” said Chairman and CEO of CCIV Michael Klein.

“This remarkable union provides us the resources to grow and focus on elevating the EV industry,” says the newsletter. “Together we plan to expand into new markets and deliver miraculous technology that an unsuspecting world is soon to experience.”

“We are still very bullish on Lucid as they have submitted their initial plans for Phase II of their Casa Grande manufacturing plant (AMP-1),” Mayor Craig McFarland said.

“Lucid still plans to deliver its first 6,000 vehicles by year’s end,” McFarland said.

On Thursday there will be a public hearing for Lucid Motors before the Planning and Zoning Commission for a major site plan for Phase 2 of the Lucid auto manufacturing facility.

According to the agenda, the expansion will include a body in white (frame) expansion, stamping plant, general assembly and powertrain plant.

“We’re pushing hard to build a Lucid Air that truly delivers on every level to elevate the electric vehicle,” Rawlinson said.

According to the newsletter, the company will continue to share details and video from the testing and validation so consumers can closely follow the progress.


Gabrielle Olivera is the Casa Grande reporter at PinalCentral, covering government, schools, business and more.