Lucid Air

Production in Casa Grande on the Lucid Air is expected to begin in 2020.

CASA GRANDE — Luxury car enthusiasts can now reserve their very own Lucid Air. The company announced in an email to potential customers on Thursday that it is taking reservations for its electric luxury sedan.

Reserving one of the vehicles will cost $1,000, a reduction from the original reserve price of $2,500.

Customers who paid the higher reservation fee retain their place in line for the first cars to roll off the Casa Grande assembly line. Andrew Hussey, a spokesman for the company, declined to divulge how many reservations the company currently has for the Air.

The reservation not only allows a customer a chance to get one of the first vehicles off the assembly line but also acts as an invitation to special events and “exclusive opportunities.”

The reservation money can be applied to the cost of the vehicle or fully refunded at any time, according to the terms and conditions listed on Lucid’s website.

The cost of the vehicle ranges from $60,000 for the base model to more than $100,000 depending on the options chosen by the customer.

Reservation holders will be notified when a car is available and be allowed to choose the options package they want. Some of the options include an “executive” rear seating that replaces the typical bench back seat in a sedan with two bucket-style seats that can recline with a central console, a panoramic sunroof, all-wheel drive (the standard model is rear-wheel drive), improved battery packs for longer driving range and more horsepower, as well as typical extras found on most luxury cars, like heated seats and a better sound system.

Reservation holders will have one week to sign a purchase agreement once they are notified.

Production of the vehicles is expected to start in late 2020 after the first phase of the company’s assembly plant in Casa Grande is finished. The company started construction on the $700 million factory in November.

The plant is expected to created 2,000 jobs and $6.2 million in taxes. The company plans to manufacture about 130,000 vehicles a year when the plant is finished.