Eldorado Ownership changes hands

John Watson, left, and Agency Associates owner John Trivisonno, right, will be taking over El Dorado Insurance after John Hill, center, retired last week.

COOLIDGE — After more than 12 years of offering home and auto coverage to area residents, John Hill, the owner of El Dorado Real Estate and Insurance has retired.

Though Hill might be retiring from the industry, El Dorado Insurance is still very much in business.

The operations of the Coolidge-based company is being taken over by Jim Trivisonno and his associate John Watson. Trivisonno is the owner of Agency Associates, an independent insurance agency based out of Ohio. He has worked in the insurance business for approximately 33 years. The company also operates a number of satellite office around the country, including Show Low.

Trivisonno and Hill met through a mutual acquaintance, and when he found about Hill’s retirement he saw it as a good opportunity to expand into Coolidge.

“Coming down here, and then talking to John and seeing some of the opportunities, it looks like (Coolidge) is on the upswing,” Trivisonno said. “So we hope to take advantage of that and make it a win-win for everybody.”

Customers can expect the portfolio of services offered by El Dorado to expand as a result of the buy-out. Previously, El Dorado only offered home and auto insurance. But under the new ownership, Trivisonno plans to expand the services to include more insurance carriers as well as products such as life insurance, health insurance, Medicare and many others.

Day-to-day operations of the new office will be predominately run by Watson.

“I don’t think that I intend to bring anything that John hasn’t already bought except for other products,” Watson said. “He obviously has imparted this idea that he is a compassionate guy that cares about the community and cares about the people in it. His integrity I don’t think has been questioned by anybody that I know. I haven’t known John that long but it shines through and that’s something that I want to be able to continue to project to costumers that come in here.”

Agency Associates also offers an Insurance Pre-Licenses and Continuing Education School, which aims to offer assistance to those who may be considering a career change and feel insurance is the right industry for them.

For Hill, however, leaving the insurance operations behind means he is only partially retired as he will continue to operate his real estate business.

Hill has worked in the real estate industry for nearly 50 years. After a successful career as an agent in the Valley, he bought a farm and moved to the Coolidge area 20 years ago.

Not long after that, he started working on selling larger properties, like ranches and farms, from his home office — something he said he hopes to get back into.

When he is not selling real estate, Hill said he plans to spend his time working on his farm or traveling among other activities.

Although Agency Associates may be looking to expand El Dorado, Trivisonno noted that the goal is still to keep the small-town agency feel that so many locals have come to appreciate about El Dorado.

“It’s a great business to be in when you’re helping a lot of people,” Trivisonno said. “And I truly believe we’ve been put on the planet to help others.”