Key Master

A Key Master electronic game that is found in shopping malls and convenience stores statewide.

PHOENIX (AP) — A New Jersey company has reached a $1 million settlement with Arizona over its distribution of rigged electronic gaming devices.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office announced Wednesday that a Maricopa County Superior Court judge approved the settlement with Betson Coin-Op Distributing Company.

Prosecutors said Betson sold and leased the Sega Key Master machines at malls and convenience stores statewide.

In the Key Master games, players use a joystick and buttons to manipulate a mechanical “key” into one of several keyholes to win a prize.

According to court documents, the machines had an “auto-percentaging” system ensuring that a certain number of people lost.

Prosecutors said the machines operated like slot machines, which are allowed only in licensed casinos.

Betson has agreed not to sell or lease game machines with that system.

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