Eloy Police Patch

ELOY — An Eloy police officer arrested a 70-year-old motorist on Monday after finding a dead woman in his passenger seat.

Rodney Puckett of Oklahoma was taken into custody after the Eloy Police Department pulled him over in the area of Toltec Road and Interstate 10 and made a startling discovery.

Puckett’s deceased wife, Linda, was strapped into the passenger seat. According to police, Puckett noticed his 74-year-old wife had died at a hotel in Texas and decided she would continue with their trip through Arizona.

Eloy investigators are working with Texas law enforcement to find out how the wife died. EPD says it’s still trying to figure out where Puckett was going and whether his wife’s death involved foul play.

The wife’s body was taken by the Pinal County Medical Examiner’s Office and an autopsy will be conducted. Puckett was arrested on charges of concealing a dead body.