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Available for purchase at our Casa Grande location: 200 W. 2nd St.7:00 am to 5:15 pm Monday through Friday - 8:00 am to Noon Saturdays. Prices below include shipping.

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A century of history in one book that was a year in the makingIn commemoration of the Casa Grande Dispatch’s 100 years of publishing, Brian Kramer and Susan Randall wrote a weekly series about the history of Casa Grande, published each Thursday in the Dispatch during 2011. All of their articles and stories with photos and some additional reflections were formatted into a 208-page book and published for purchase, and distribution to local schools and libraries.

Price: $ 19.00


Out of the West Comes a Different Kind of History Book. A panoply of the exciting stories and interesting people who lived big lives on a big frontier. Several years ago, Jo Baeza and Greg Tock became partners in a state-sanctioned Arizona Centennial Legacy Project. Baeza's 100 stories of territorial Arizona appeared in weekly installments in the newspaper until 2012. Baeza emphasizes that Arizona’s roots are not Colonial English but Spanish Colonial and American Indian. She traces the influence of European rivalries, Spanish colonization, Mexican Independence, the Mexican-American War, the discovery of gold and silver, conflicts between sheepmen and cattlemen, colonization by Latter-day Saints, Civil War engagements, the coming of the railroads, and the tragic, inevitable outcome of the Indian wars. Arizona’s Official State Historian Marshall Trimble writes in the Foreward to the book: “The Making of a State runs the wide gamut of Arizona’s colorful history from outlaws and lawmen to empire builders, movers and shakers. There are stories of lawmen such as the storied Commodore Perry Owens and Frank Wattron; renegades like the Apache Kid; the Indian Wars; rough and tumble pioneers like Jack Swilling; the Pleasant Valley War and rowdy boomtowns like Tombstone. There’s the arrival of the railroads; the Mormons in the Little Colorado River Valley; the Spanish Colonial and Mexican periods; prospectors and hard rock miners.”

Price: $ 29.00


This 1986 edition includes many stories of the old days in the Casa Grande Valley. It was published after the first edition had been out of print for several years. It includes stories, photos and illustrations. These remaining issues were discovered in our archives. Mr. Woods has been deceased for several years. Published by Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.

Price: $ 15.50


For over a century, Casa Grande Union High School has made a lasting impact on its students and the community. In September 2019, we highlighted the people and programs who helped shape the school into what it is today. This commemorative keepsake is a must-read!

Price: $ 9.00

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