BP Rescue

Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue agents transport a Mexican man who fell 35 feet from a cliff recently west of Ajo.

TUCSON — U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Tucson Sector rescued 10 migrants in seven separate incidents over the weekend, officially rescuing more individuals this fiscal year than last.

Agents responded to Border Patrol rescue beacon activations, multiple 911 calls and calls routed from Mexican officials regarding distressed migrants lost throughout southern Arizona. Border Patrol’s Search Trauma and Rescue team, BORSTAR, was deployed and medically treated three of the 10 individuals saved over the weekend. None required further medical care.

In Fiscal Year 2020, through June, Tucson Sector performed over 980 rescues, surpassing the 924 total from all of Fiscal Year 2019. In the month of June alone, Tucson Sector performed over 180 rescues.

“Smugglers play with people’s lives in this unforgiving desert,” said Tucson Sector Chief Roy Villarreal. “Unfortunately, migrants put their trust in smugglers, who ultimately abandon them in the middle of one of the most environmentally dangerous places on earth. Our agents are often tasked to find, rescue and provide medical aid to those victimized by coyotes and smugglers.”

BORSTAR emergency medical technicians and paramedics can provide the highest level of ambulatory care to any patient while in the field as well as en route to an established medical facility.

Anyone in immediate distress in Arizona’s vast outdoor recreational and wilderness areas is urged to call 911 or to seek out a rescue beacon. CBP works closely with other federal, tribal, state and local partners to resolve search and rescue operations across southern Arizona.