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ARIZONA CITY — The game of the day on April 3 was a team event called the Jelly Bean Game.

Each team had a bag of jelly beans and each player was assigned a color. The color of the jelly bean drawn from the bag determined whose score was used on each hole. The scores were net scores, so the golfer chosen subtracted her handicap from her score.

The team of Paget Whitney, Sandy Freng, Cathy Chadsey and Priscilla Skoglund finished in first place with 64. Becky Hamilton, Valarie Beaton, Diane Glennie and Margaret McKim scored 67 to finish in second place.

Two teams scored 68 for a third-place tie. The team of Lisa Ross, Lou Ross, Jackie Colosso and Bonniejean Gualandi won the scorecard playoff.

Lou Ross won closest to the pin on No. 8, and Marty Losee had the best drive on No. 17.

Season Awards announced

Jude Holden is this year’s Presidents Cup Winner. The game of the day was blind nine on Feb. 13 and, as usual, it was not announced until the end of the season. This is an annual award chosen by the president to be presented at our final meeting of the season. Congratulations to Jude.

The Most Improved Golfer award is given to the golfer whose handicap has improved the most during the season. Gualandi finished in first place with an improvement rating of 1.15. Betsy Kozulla won second place with an improvement of 1.14 and Whitney won third place with and improvement of 1.10.

This year’s Ringer Board Winners were announced. The ringer board is a record of each golfer’s scores hole-by-hole on league days throughout the season. The A flight winners were Colosso and Ginger Hartse, who tied with an improvement of 22 strokes during the season. In the B flight, Losee improved 40 strokes to win first place and Mary Bishop won second place with an improvement of 22 strokes. In the C flight, Bonnie Fears finished in first place with an improvement of 39 strokes, and Jude Holden won second place with 32 strokes.

In the D flight, Judy Pivec won first place with 35 strokes and Marilyn Black won second with 32 strokes.

Birdie pins were awarded to all golfers who had a bird during league play throughout the season. Laurie Pederson had the most birdies with 10. Colosso, Sheree Kemick, Sharry Willard, Hartse and Fears had four birds each. Losee and Lou Ross had three birds. Sandy Chesley, Hamilton, Jean Whitten, Janet Burke, Glennie and Chadsey had two birds each. Whitney, Sue Henk, Sally Harrison, Mary Wolf, Bishop and Gualandi each had one bird.

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