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ARIZONA CITY — The game of the day on Feb.5 was to count only the strokes used to get to the green (any putts on the green didn’t count) minus one-half the golfer’s handicap.

It was a cold day and many ladies decided not to play. Those who did golf had a pleasant day.

Sheree Kemick scored 43 to finish in first place with Laurie Pederson in second place with 46. Jackie Colosso won third place in a scorecard playoff with 48.

Laurie Pederson won closest to the pin on #8 and Sheree Kemick had the best drive on No. 16

Results on Feb. 12:

The game was Blind Nine and the pro shop picked the back nine.

Becky Hamilton was first with 31.5. Sheree Kemick and Paget Whitney tied for second with 34.

In the B flight, Diane Glennie was first with 31 and Val Beaton and Sharry Willard tied for second with 31.5.

Becky Hamilton won closest to the pin on No. 8 and Sheree Kemick won No. 16.

Feb. 19 Results:

The game of the day was criss-cross. Golfers would count one or ten, two or eleven, etc. minus one-half your handicap.

“A” flight: Paget Whitney was first with 27 and Ginger Hartse was second with 28. Becky Hamilton finished in third with 28.5.

“B” flight: Cindy Kerr was first with 25. Sandy Freng was second with 25.5 and Jude Holden was third with 26.

Diane Glennie had the best drive on #8 and Betsy Kozulla won closest to the pin on No. 16.

On Feb 19-20

We had 18 ladies playing criss-cross. There were 10 ladies in the A flight and 8 in the B flight.

Feb. 26 Results:

“Throw Out Your 4 worst holes:” Two on the front and two on the back

It started out very windy and cold but eventually the wind calmed down and the sun warmed us up somewhat.

Sheree Kemick had the best score in A flight with a net 64. Becky Hamilton scored 65 to win second place and Laurie Pederson won third place with 66.

Winners of Odd/Even on Mar 4:

The game of the day on March 4 was to count the odd holes on the front nine and the even holes on the back nine. Subtract one hole and 1/2 your handicap for your final score.

We had 8 players in the “A” flight and 6 players in the “B” flight.

“A” flight results:

Ginger Hartse won first with a score of 30.5. Cathy Chadsey, Jackie Colosso and Paget Whitney all tied with a 32.5.

“B” flight results:

Sharry Willard won first with a score of 32. Lou Ross was second with a score of 33 and Sandy Chesley was third with a score of 34.5

Sherry Willard had the best drive on number eight and Sheree kemick won number 16.

Winners of Blind Nine on Mar 11:

We only had 10 players because of possible rain but it turned out to be a wonderful day. Cloudy but very little wind and warm. Because of the small numbers we did not break into flights.

Becky Hamilton won first with a 35. Marty Losee was second with a 35.5 and Paget Whitney was third with a 36.5

Becky Hamilton had the best drive on number 8 and Cathy Chadsey won number 16.