ARIZONA CITY — Another car manufacturing company has made its way to Pinal County, although the vehicles are slightly smaller than those to be produced by Lucid and Nikola.

Tumtumcar Company has relocated its manufacturing operations in Arizona City.

Sean Patrick, the inventor of the micro car, decided to relocate to Arizona City because of the lower cost of living, available manpower and the potential for expansion. Lucid is a California-based electric car company that plans to build a manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, while Nikola plans to build a plant in Coolidge to manufacture hybrid semi-trucks.

Patrick lived in Deer Valley when he invented the Tumtumcar in 1997 because he wanted to build a simpler functional micro vehicle that used mostly human power.

The micro car is a solar-electric-assisted hybrid with multiple propulsions including solar, lithium electric, pedal and a gas motor.

It has a driving range of more than 50 miles on a single charge of a 72-volt lithium battery pack, and the drive system may include a seven-speed shifter pedal drive or a four-cycle gas engine.

The car’s driving range makes it suitable for short commutes, local errands, exercise or just for fun, the company says.

The Tumtumcar is built out of chromoly, DOM and carbon steel alloy parts with mangalium wheels.

The company offers three models of one, two or four seats with standard features of front and rear suspension, parking brake, weather proof outdoor seat and Ackermann steering geometry, which allows easy turns like a regular car or truck.

The first car was ordered by an admirer in Patrick’s neighborhood who proposed to name it after the “tumtum,” a simple but functional animal-drawn carriage used in Europe and Asia.

The company also offers special models for wounded warriors or people with physical and medical issues.

The basic one-seat model starts at $986. More information can be found at or by calling 480-800-9608.