ARIZONA CITY — State Sen. Vince Leach says the recent census was “way off” for Pinal County.

Leach, R-Saddlebrooke, represents Legislative District 11, which includes Maricopa, Arizona City and parts of Casa Grande and Eloy. During the August Arizona City Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week at Heaven’s View Baptist Church, Leach paid the community a visit and answered questions.

One of the topics the Republican senator spoke about was the latest census numbers.

“From all indications, it looks like the census numbers were way off, not only in Pinal (County) but also in Yuma (County),” Leach stated. “We were all expecting to get enough population increase to get one more congressman. Everything points to we should have one more congressional seat, and we were shocked when we didn’t get it.”

Leach also shared his thoughts on the plans to build Interstate 11 to connect the Phoenix area to Las Vegas.

“My position is we already have a road bed made, it’s called I-10; the road bed is already there. We cannot take care of the roads that we already have,” Leach said. “We can’t build the third lane (on I-10), we can’t fix potholes, there’s a lot of things that we cannot do. We have to make it work.”

Finally, Leach discussed the Arizona review of the 2020 election results.

“I will tell you this, I am sure that there were laws, rules, regulations and procedures that were not followed,” Leach said. “We, the Legislature, I think have not done our job, and now we are paying the price. And I think coming out of this, we will see where we have to tighten up regulations and rules. (The audit) took considerably longer than anticipated, but the goal was to not do it fast, it was to do it right.”


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at