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ARIZONA CITY — Arizona City Fire District Chief Jeff Heaton gave board members an update May 11 on how the district has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We go through a daily update from the Pinal County Office of Emergency Services,” Heaton said. “That was meeting six days a week, now it’s meeting three to four times a week depending on the information. We’re updated on our cases of COVID-19 and also the cost for getting supplies from the National Strategic Stockpile. We continue to participate on that every day or whenever that meeting is scheduled.”

Heaton also told the board that the district is applying for various grants, including a relief fund for COVID-19.

“We probably have close to one million dollars in grants," Heaton said.

The board approved a preliminary budget of $1.5 million for the upcoming fiscal year. The tax rate will remain at $3.25, which was increased back in 2018.

The district is also accepting letters of intent to fill the vacant seat left by Steve Ross, who moved out of the district.

Those interested in the seat on the board can submit a statement to the fire district.