ARIZONA CITY — After nearly two years of closure, the Arizona City golf course is set to reopen next month.

The board of directors for the course has been slowly but surely putting in the necessary renovations and changes members believe are needed to make the course successful.

Rick Moore is president of the board and has played a key role in getting both the golf course, as well as the Tap Inn Bar and Grill attached to the course, back open. He said that although he is nervous about the reopening, he is also excited to get people back on the links.

“We have a lot of balls in the air that we have been juggling, but we have a very good staff that is working hard to get all of those balls taken care of,” Moore said. “I am happy that we are on track, and we think it is going to be pretty good.”

Moore said the residents who enjoy the sport of golf can soon enjoy it in their backyard, opposed to having to travel to nearby cities to play a round.

“This has never been about me, this is really about bringing it back for the community,” Moore said. “Not only the golf course, but also the restaurant, the bar and also for our future plans to create some things for the community down the road. We want to create a family atmosphere at the facility, not just for the retirees and the winter visitors, but the families that live out here as well.”

The board not only had residents in mind for the golf course renovations, but Moore hopes that people from Eloy and Casa Grande will want to see the changes and have a good time in Arizona City.

“It was definitely part of it, we hope the golf course is nice enough for people from all over to come down and check it out,” Moore said. “People could make this a destination where they can spend a day here and golf and kind of discover our area like we all have.”

The Arizona City Golf Club is to be open to the public once again Nov. 1.


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at

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