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ARIZONA CITY — The Arizona City Fire District board on Tuesday approved a preliminary budget of about $1.56 million for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

The budget for the coming year is expected to be about $63,000 higher than the current year’s.

Between bills, salary and other expenses, ACFD spends about $100,000 each month, Fire Chief Jeff Heaton told the board.

The preliminary budget anticipates some increases in spending for taxes and salaries.

When the new fiscal year begins in July, a balance of between $28,000 and $150,000 is expected to be carried over from the current year, Heaton told the board.

The final amount of the carryover balance hinges on remaining income from Pinal County and remaining grant payments.

The amount of the carryover balance could change the final budget, bringing it as high as $1.68 million.

Heaton said that after several lean years, the department’s budget should be in good shape in the coming fiscal year.

“It has not gone without challenges,” Heaton said. “Our call volume has doubled and the guys in the back have worked hard. But with two months left to go in the fiscal year, we’re in good shape.”

His hope, he said, is that in the future, if the department needs to purchase equipment, money is available to buy what’s needed.

The proposed budget may be viewed on the Arizona City Fire District website,

In other business Tuesday, the board approved a 2020-21 audit report done for the department and agreed to a year-end accounting records resolution.

The department responded to 164 calls for service in the past month.


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