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The current Toltec School District logo is a drawing of a school no longer used as a school.

ARIZONA CITY — The Toltec School District’s Governing Board has approved a budget revision, new insurance coverage for employees and made computers available for the community to take the census.

During the board meeting on March 11, the original plan was to make computers available at the district office and the front offices at both schools beginning on March 23, but following the state-required school closures, the plan has changed a little.

District Superintendent Denise Rogers told PinalCentral on Monday that the front offices at the schools will not be available for the census until districts are allowed to reopen the schools, which is currently set for March 30.

Also during the meeting, district Grants Specialist Tim McCain was approved to become the interim business manager for the rest of the fiscal year.

McCain has been trained by the district’s business manager consultant, Veronica Price, and will continue to receive training for the position while still handling the district’s grants.

During the board meeting, McCain gave an update on the budget revision and how the district is still waiting for an accurate number while waiting for the average daily membership count.

“It does remain tight,” McCain said. “It will remain tight through the rest of the school year, but we do feel that we can get through the school year and have a surplus at the end of the school year.”

Price was also on hand for the meeting and provided more details on the revisions made to the budget.

In the revisions, Price said the operating budget will increase by $167,990.

“There were factors that affected this increase,” she said. “The biggest impact was your student count. You had two increases, one was your overall student count, ADM, and the second is Group B, so you received additional funding for your special education students and ELL students. Basically when your May revision occurred last year, what the district calculated was less than what the ADE calculated so they gave you that capacity.”

The district did see a decrease in its unrestricted capital budget of $172,771 because it spent more money than it reported in fiscal year 2019.

Beginning on July 1 the district will be under new health insurance with Kairos Health Arizona.

While that will cost the district an additional $1,708 for the next school year, the cost to employees will be cut by $178,780.

There will be two medical plans provided free of charge to employees, but dental coverage will no longer be paid for by the district. However, the cost will be less than what is currently charged for medical coverage.

Also during the meeting the board approved in a 3-2 vote to pay out 10 days of full vacation leave to a former employee.

The district recently adopted new policies, but the employee’s resignation was under the previous policy, which states that employees who voluntarily terminate their service are expected to give notice of no less than 10 working days. The notice should be submitted to the supervisor in writing and should specify both the last day of work and the reason for terminating. Authorized unused vacation credit will be paid to employees with the last paycheck.

The former employee requested a full vacation leave payout of 13.23 days or a prorated rate of 2.818 days.

“I think fair is fair and the policy says,” board member Dennis Callahan said. “I don’t like it but the policy says. We’ve not prorated anybody’s vacation time before because they left early and it wouldn’t be right because we hadn’t changed the policy. I don’t like it, but we should’ve fixed our own problems before this happened a second time. When it happened the first time we should have addressed it and fixed it the first time and not waited for it to happen again.”

Callahan suggested the 10-day payout but still voted against the action. Board member Pam Long was the other vote against.


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