ARIZONA CITY — Faculty members and students from Arizona City Elementary School and Toltec Elementary School were honored at the monthly Toltec School District board meeting this month.

Lupe Tapia was named Ace of the Month at Arizona City Elementary.

“She’s so good she goes to both schools,” Arizona City Elementary principal Beth Pulver said. “This is what the staff had to say about Lupe. Lupe Tapia is always very positive, she works very hard and does her best to have all of our ELL files in order. Her hard work showed recently, with what a wonderful job she did on the state audit. We appreciate you Lupe, thank you for all that you do.”

Yalin Ramirez and Harley Baker were named Kids at Hope Students of the Month.

“Harley has been chosen as one of our students of the month because he always tries to do his best and what is asked of him,” Pulver said. “He is respectful and cooperative, Harley is always kind and always has a smile on his face. He genuinely cares about others.”

“Yalin is an amazing student,” Pulver said. “She is kind and hardworking, sweet and cooperative. She is a student who you can count on to be helpful and do the right thing.”

Julia Steen was named Treasure Hunter of the Month at Toltec Elementary.

“Julia has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out others no matter the task,” Toltec Elementary principal Misty Huffman said. “She genuinely cares about our students and serves as a true Treasure Hunter. Ms. Julia’s warm smile helps our students feel loved while at school. She helps assist staff with projects and also volunteers to take on extra tasks. Ms. Julia is also responsible for painting the cafeteria and hallways prior to the school year starting. She is a go-getter with a positive outlook on life.”

Tigers of the Month were Joseph Antone and Anthony Cavigliano.

“Anthony exhibits many of the characteristics of a Kid at Hope,’ Huffman said. “He is happy, helpful and kind. He is always ready and eager to help others especially with math. Anthony knows how to give special attention to important tasks and how to have fun with learning. He comes to school everyday with a smile and a willingness to learn.”

“The junior high team chose Joseph for several reasons,” Huffman said. “First and foremost, Joseph is new to the school, he came to us from a very different school setting and yet he was able to come in and make Toltec his home. When he first started with us he had a broken arm, however, nothing seemed to stop him and he still completed all of his writing assignments and other school work on time. He takes great pride in everything that he does and is always willing to do more.”


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