ARIZONA CITY — Faculty members and students from Arizona City Elementary School and Toltec Elementary School were honored at the monthly Toltec School District Board meeting this month.

Don Robinette was named Ace of the Month at Arizona City Elementary.

“Don has stepped up to the plate by taking on a second grade class when we really needed a second grade teacher, he saved the day,” Arizona City Elementary Principal Beth Pulver said.

“He is great with the students and has really earned their respect. We are very grateful to have a teacher with his experience in the classroom. Don is easy to get along with and is a great teammate, he is doing an awesome job with his second grade class. He even has his wife come in to help with the students so that they can get them where they need to be.”

Gaby Rios and Sage Ruiz were named Kids at Hope Students of the Month.

“Sage is a great role model in class and to her peers,” Pulver said. “She has a great personality and helps her peers in class if she sees them struggling. She is very respectful to all her teachers, she is very helpful and always patient with her classmates.”

“Gaby is a wonderful person,” Pulver said. “She is kind and caring, she is wiling to help anyone in class and outside of class. She always has a smile on her face, she is very respectful to all of her peers and her teachers. She shows this respect by listening in class, getting her work done, helping others with their work in class and talking to everyone as a person and not an object. She is just an overall a very smart and heart warming person.”

Armando Cardenas was named Treasure Hunter of the Month at Toltec Elementary.

“Armando is our new maintenance and transportation supervisor,” Toltec Elementary School Principal Misty Huffman said. “Mando works extremely hard with the multiple responsibilities he has. No matter what the time is or who is calling him, he is always there to take care of the situation at hand, and when I say calling him, it’s Saturday, Sunday, whenever. From driving to Phoenix and Tucson and all the surrounding areas to pick up parts and keeping the buses operating, you are appreciated. We appreciate your positive attitude, kindness and willingness to always help.”

Tigers of the Month were Baylee Hall and Santos Jimenez.

“Baylee is one of the hardest working students I’ve had,” Huffman said of a teacher’s comment about Hall. “She has demonstrated tremendous effort and growth the past two years. She has a combination of a positive attitude and a belief that she can always improve and get better. Baylee is trustworthy, reliable and a friend who supports her classmates. Her radiance and smile lights up a room. Baylee also began playing volleyball this year and her sportsmanship on the court is commendable. During a game playing ACES, Baylee was seen encouraging the other team’s athletes. Thank you Baylee for always putting forth your best effort and never giving up.”

“Santos has taken great strides in his education,” Huffman said. “He has started his seventh grade year off strong and confident within his studies. As of recent he has faced great obstacles that no one should have to endure at such a young age. However, Santos came back determined to dive back into school and his studies, and get grades that he has previously earned. Santos sets the standard at Toltec for being a Kid at Hope.”

Huffman also recognized Ariel Korenstein for donating his savings to replace a fallen Mulberry tree at the school.