ARIZONA CITY — Faculty members and students from Arizona City Elementary School and Toltec Elementary School were honored at the monthly Toltec School District Board meeting last week.

Greg Rider was named Ace of the Month at Arizona City Elementary.

“Greg has done a great job with student council this year,” Arizona City Elementary principal Beth Pulver said. “He has worked hard to ensure that classes had the field trip and did the events that they wanted to do. He has also been doing a great job of connecting with his students.”

Ryder Bethea and Amare Dean were named Kids at Hope Students of the Month.

“Ryder is a true book dragon that is dedicated and true to himself and his work ethic,” Pulver said. “He is a shining example of a Kid at Hope and has been an A-Honor Roll (student) during all of his years at ACES. He has the capability to be anything he chooses and whatever the choice, he will make the world a better place. He is an inspiration and a shining light for all.”

“We call him M and M for memory man,” Pulver said of Dean. “He has an incredible memory, he helps the teacher and class remember things. He always has a positive attitude and is willing to help with anything that is asked of him, from helping other students to teachers. In the cafeteria he always picks up trash left by other students. He is well liked by his peers and his teachers. He is trustworthy and honest.”

Adam Castillo was named Treasure Hunter of the Month at Toltec Elementary.

“We want to thank Adam for everything he does,” Toltec Elementary principal Misty Huffman said. “Mr. Castillo is our student council lead and he has done an outstanding job leading student council this year. He is almost every evening event and we truly appreciate his dedication to our school and our students. In addition he has reached out to a multitude of businesses asking for their support of our school. He is an amazing addition to our staff and we truly appreciate his time and effort.”

Tigers of the Month were Juanita Barraza and Ryan McDonald

“Juanita is a very sweet and helpful student,” Huffman said. “She is respectful and follows instructions and school rules. Juanita has a smile that lights up a room and her loving and sweet nature makes her a great student and friend. She is trying very hard in her school work to improve her reading and writing, and has great determination.”

“Ryan is an extremely creative thinker,” Huffman said. “He is bright and articulate and he is always creating and using his brain. Ryan is already focusing on his life as an adult, he speaks daily to his teachers about his future endeavors and how he can obtain them. He asks questions that are thought provoking which in turn creates and environment of student engagement and learning.”


Maria Vasquez is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. She can be reached at