ARIZONA CITY — Faculty members and students from Arizona City Elementary School and Toltec Elementary School were honored at the monthly Toltec School District board meeting this month.

Abigail Campos was named Ace of the Month at Arizona City Elementary.

“Abby always has a smile even in difficult situations,” Arizona City Elementary Principal Beth Pulver said. “She is doing a great job and is getting her more challenging students learning also. Abby goes above and beyond and is a team player.”

Delores Mejia and Baltazar Isaac Munoz were named Kids at Hope Students of the Month.

“Delores is an amazing young man,” Pulver said. “One day on the playground, Delores stopped what he was doing and split up a fight. He encouraged the boys to get a long and he didn’t want to see them get a writeup. He can also be counted on to do the right thing.”

“Baltazar is always kind and always has a smile on his face,” Pulver said. “He is very intelligent and helps others. Baltazar is also our district spelling bee winner.”

Jennifer Marquez was named Treasure Hunter of the Month at Toltec Elementary.

“Ms. Jenny is our yoga teacher at Toltec Elementary,” Principal Misty Huffman said. “She always has a positive attitude, and she spends countless hours preparing her instructions and lesson. Ms. Jenny is well liked by our students and is also firm and consistent with discipline.”

Tigers of the Month were Tessa Estrella and Braeden Cortez.

“Braeden is everything a Kid at Hope should be,” Huffman said. “He works hard, helps those around him and has a positive attitude even when things are difficult. He encourages his peers to do his best and isn’t afraid to try new things. He is always pushing himself to do his best, he is willing to go the extra mile and his dedication inspires those around him to do the same.”

“Tessa is a role model for others,” Huffman said. “She is kind, helpful, happy and energetic. She is always willing to help out by cleaning up the playground as well as any classroom that she goes to. Recently she has been given the added responsibility of being her teacher’s assistant. She is doing an excellent job and still able to keep up with her school work.”


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