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ARIZONA CITY — The Toltec School District Governing Board held a brief meeting on Oct. 8 where members discussed the return to in-person instruction, the upcoming election for the school board and an $8 million school district bond proposal.

Superintendent Denise Rogers informed the board that the district will return to in-person instruction using Scenario 2 of the district’s reopening plan on Oct. 26.

Toltec Elementary School will be using a Monday through Thursday schedule with class beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 1:50 p.m.

Arizona City Elementary School will adopt an A and B day schedule with A students attending class on Mondays and Wednesdays and B students attending Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow social distancing. All students will engage in learning online the days they do not attend in person. Class at ACES begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m.

Business Manager Tim McCain informed the board that the district is still working on the Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund for COVID-19.

“We did get our final quotes in to replace the water fountains with water bottle filling stations,” McCain said. “And we are hoping beyond hope to have those before the kids get back into school but there are a considerable back order on those (fountains).”

Rogers also discussed the upcoming school board election at the meeting.

“A couple of days after our regular board meeting in September, I was notified by the county that there were 42 varied school districts that were rendered as having uncontested elections so they were canceled, which included ours,” Rogers said. “So our open board positions were filled by those that filled out the nomination papers. Timothy Cason will serve another two years and the other three would be new members coming in January.”

Those three new members are Bill Doherty for a two-year term and Lewis Cortright and James Gray, both for four-year terms.

Rogers addressed one topic that will be voted on in the Nov. 3 general election — an $8 million school bond issue.

“We have made some substantial improvements but budget constraints prevent us from going at the rate we’d like to go at,” Rogers said. “We do need some student restroom updates, we need our old worn-out carpet removed, we’d like to start regular educational preschool programs at both schools…. I do want to mention the average rate associated for homeowners and business would be $1.10.”

Rogers also mentioned her gratitude for the city of Eloy and its support, which was echoed by board President Mark Lindgren.

The board set the date for its next regular meeting on Thursday, Nov. 12.


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