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The current Toltec School District logo is a drawing of a school no longer used as a school.

ARIZONA CITY - The Toltec School District is working on fixing various mistakes found in the previous budget revision.

District Grant Specialist Tim McCain who is briefly helping out as business manager, too, after former district manager Robert Million resigned, said on Feb. 12, "Things continue to be tight with the budget and we've known that for a while. We already know that there will be a slight decrease in average daily membership so that funding will be decreased slightly."

McCain added that there were some mistakes in the previous revision and that the district was missing out on some funding on a reading program which will lead to additional funding.

"We did see some mistakes in capital funds so we will see a decrease but we remain confident that we'll have a carry over at the end of the year," McCain said.

The district will also resubmit the 2019 annual financial report after McCain found an error that listed the district's debt as credit. According to Superintendent Denise Rogers, the error does not have a negative impact on the budget.

The district governing board also approved the policy revisions for professional and support staff vacations and holidays.

Additionally, the board agreed to increase the hourly pay for two employees who have completed training and are now qualified to train other employees to drive the district's buses.

"There is a shortage in bus drivers and it would be to our advantage to train," Rogers said. "Sometime we have employees that we hire as van drivers and so we can do a lot of the training in house."

The $5 per hour pay increase would be for when they are training another driver.

Rosalie Amado will take over as interim transportation director after Armando Cardenas resigned.

"I have not opened up the position because we really don't need that cost right now in our budget," Rogers said. "What I'm proposing is (Amado) has served as a manager in transportation at another district and I'm proposing that we have her serve as a transportation director in a interim basis until the end of this year."

Rogers added that Amado agreed to keep her work weeks to 40 hours which would keep the district within budget.

The district will also see multiple projects to both schools finally move forward after they were approved by the Arizona School Facilities Board.

Toltec Elementary hopes to have new curtains up in the gymnasium in time for graduation in May and will also continue working on repairing the gymnasium roof as well as the roof for building C and D, and Arizona City Elementary will being with the weatherization assessment.

McCain also updated the board on the School Safety Grant and is waiting to hear from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office once the county approves a school resource officer position.


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