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ARIZONA CITY — Renovations and repairs to both Arizona City Elementary and Toltec Elementary schools were briefly delayed after there was a little confusion between the parties involved.

During the June 20 Toltec School District board meeting, President Dennis Callahan gave the rest of the Governing Board an update on the current projects.

“Our working people and our political people are now on the same page,” Callahan said. “It’s moving forward. It’s aligning the guys that do the job and getting them to do that the way the state mandates that it’s done. We would like to do things the way that we want and have the state pay for it, but they don’t operate that way. The report that we got from them is that they have put a lot of jobs on hold recently because of the way the contractors and the architects have kind of tried to increase the cost of jobs.”

At the February meeting Callahan noted that the projects for this summer included repairing the gymnasium roof at Toltec Elementary and the weatherization of the cafeteria.

According to Callahan, the district has to restart the process for the roof, which will likely be completed in the fall.

Arizona City Elementary will also be weatherized and painted, but that will happen later.

The board also approved a proposed budget of $6,849,778.

The budget calls for a primary tax rate of $2.95, which is a decrease from the current $3.04 per $100 net assessed valuation.

The school district also added two positions: a certified school counselor and a grants specialist.

“We have kids coming in who are just struggling emotionally and mentally,” Toltec Superintendent Denise Rogers said. “It’s not adolescent age or pre-adolescent, we have kids coming to us in need of counseling or support in kindergarten. This would be a great help to both of our schools.”

The counselor will serve both schools with an office at each one. The grants specialist will maintain current grants, obtain additional grants and work with the state School Facilities Board.

During last month’s board meeting the district recognized three teachers from Arizona City Elementary and one from Toltec Elementary for having perfect attendance all year.

On Wednesday, the board approved a $1,000 bonus for each teacher who attains perfect attendance all year.

“It does help,” Callahan said. “It keeps the classrooms more organized when the regular teacher is there and it helps us by not paying for subs. We can try it for one year and see how it works.”

Rogers received a performance-based pay award after having accomplished many of the goals the board set for her in December 2018.

“From the list that we gave her, I don’t see anything on here that she’s failed at,” board member Pam Long said. “Coming in and doing what you did, you’ve done a great job.”

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