Arizona City School

A school bus was on its way to Arizona City Elementary School Sept. 3, when three parents boarded the bus to yell at the bus driver about behaviors happening with their kids.

ARIZONA CITY — Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a bus stop on Tuesday morning after three adults were reported to have stepped on a school bus that was headed to Arizona City Elementary School.

According to Toltec School District Superintendent Denise Rogers, the bus was on its morning route picking up students when three parents boarded the bus along with students.

“When the bus driver saw that there were adults on the bus, he stood up to prevent the adults from accessing the bus beyond the steps,” Rogers said. “We do have cameras on all of our buses, so everything was recorded on these cameras. These parents were yelling and asking the bus driver to do something about some behaviors that were happening with their kids.”

After the parents did not step off the bus when the driver asked them to, he radioed back to the bus barn, from where calls were made to the Sheriff’s Office and the school district.

“The adults did not get past the front entry of the bus and were arguing with the bus driver, but there were no weapons, no one threatened to shoot anybody or anything like that,” Rogers said.

Rogers added that she showed up at the bus stop once she was notified along with the business manager, transportation director and PSCO.

“Three police responded, and I went ahead and sent the police the video of everything and the bus driver’s statement,” she said.

A PCSO spokesman could not be reached for comment.

Parents were to receive a letter informing them of the situation and that they are not allowed on a bus along with the proper way to handle such a situation, which is to call the school to report the behavior on the bus.

“I met with three parents this morning, two of which had been on the bus, and spoke with them about the incident,” Rogers said. “They understand the seriousness of the situation and why we don’t allow adults to just get on the bus. I tried to explain that the discipline is dealt with at the school level.”

On Wednesday morning, Rogers went to the bus stop again as a precaution and the maintenance director was also there keeping an eye on the situation.

Additionally, an Arizona City Elementary School staff member will ride the bus for the rest of the week to make sure to address anything that may come up.

“We take every precaution to keep our students safe and when incidents such as this occur, we do give it our full attention to make sure that we’re making every effort that it doesn’t happen again,” Rogers said.