The Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology campus is in Coolidge.

COOLIDGE — The Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology rolled out a small increase in the district’s budget for fiscal year 2020.

“We did have some additional funding for teacher salaries, and then some inflation,” Business Manager Angela Terry said at a special meeting of the CAVIT Governing Board held on June 13.

The proposed budget allocates $3,450,000 to the maintenance and operation fund for the career and technical education district — a 6.2% increase compared to the current fiscal year.

The increase includes the recent installment of monies provided through the Arizona Legislature to fund teacher raises as part of Gov. Doug Ducey’s 20-by-2020 plan.

According to Terry, since 2017 CAVIT teachers have seen a 15-percent increase in their salaries as part of the initiative, which sought to raise teacher pay across the state.

Teachers will see another 5% increase to their wages in 2020.

Compared to fiscal 2019, CAVIT also saw a 10.7% decrease in unrestricted capital funds, falling from approximately $8.7 million to just over $7.8 million. However, the district also set aside approximately $3 million for construction.

Terry noted that although the school district has no current plans to add to the campus, it chose to budget for the item in the event it continues to see growth.

In 2018, average daily membership at CAVIT was about 915 students. During the 2019 school year, that number jumped to 973.

The fiscal 2020 proposed budget was accepted by the board in a 4-0 vote.

In addition, the board approved the second performance base pay increase for Superintendent Mike Glover.

According to board member Marty Baca, the performance goal outlined for the superintendent was to partner with members of the community as well as local businesses and industry leaders to promote student engagement and to help develop educational training services to meet workforce standards.