APACHE JUNCTION — Police investigating an arson discovered video evidence linking the suspect to an assault.

On April 5, the Apache Junction Police Department responded to 1617 N. Ironwood Drive, No. 70 in reference to the suspected arson of a trailer home.

Before it was over, police obtained a video recording showing the lead arson suspect stabbing her “baby-daddy” months earlier in a fit of jealousy.

Through investigation, AJPD officers determined that the fire was likely set by Meghan Kenyon, 22, of Apache Junction.

When interviewed, Kenyon told police she was home the night of the fire and denied involvement, but police quickly located video surveillance footage at a Circle K store proving that she was out at the time of the blaze.

“One (video) shows Meghan (Kenyon) buying $5 of gas and filling a small gas can,” an AJPD officer wrote in the probable cause statement.

The officer also found testimony from another woman saying that she gave Kenyon a ride to the trailer park that evening and “Meghan exited the vehicle with a torch and the gas can. Meghan was gone a couple minutes and then came back to the vehicle in a hurry and told her to leave,” the officer wrote in the report.

Another man told police he was with Kenyon when the gasoline was purchased.

“Meghan and the man then drove by the house of the victim and she indicated she was going to burn the house,” he told police.

The victim who was renting the trailer told investigators that she was sleeping when awakened by the smoke and went next door to call for help. She told police the window to the bathroom of the trailer was intact before the incident, but it was broken when a neighbor tried to spray water into the burning bathroom using a garden hose, according to court records.

The victim told police she suspected Kenyon of setting the fire as she had also thrown a rock through one of her living room windows in September because Kenyon thought that she was sleeping with her “ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy” named Donny.

The feud between the two women was apparently re-sparked on April 1 when both women were going through the same substance abuse program, according to investigators.

The victim told police Kenyon had begun threatening her via text messages and emails.

When contacted, Kenyon told police that her ex-boyfriend had pushed and hit her the day before (April 3). She claimed that she was seven months pregnant with his child. She denied that she was out that night and said she didn’t throw a rock though the victim’s window.

Before the interview with police, ended Kenyon requested a lawyer.

Police then contacted Donny and he said he had known Kenyon since March 2019 and that she was having his baby.

“Donny explained how Meghan (Kenyon) has a history of breaking windows as a means of revenge. Donny recalled an incident with two exes, and both had blocks thrown through their windows and windshields,” the probable cause statement reads.

He also spoke about how Kenyon threw rocks through the trailer house windows.

“Donny explained how he knows Meghan did it was because she admitted to doing it. Donny kept saying Meghan is crazy, which is related to substance abuse (meth),” court records state.

Donny told police that he also received threatening texts from Kenyon after she saw the victim in the substance abuse class in early April.

“Donny then went into a past story when Meghan stabbed him with a knife, which he still had the knife and a sweater. Donny then said he also had video evidence of the assault which he did report to his probation officer but not the AJPD. Donny explained at the time he did not want her to go to jail, just substance abuse assistance,” the probable cause statement reads.

He told police on Feb. 23 it all started when an ex-girlfriend came over to his workplace. He told Kenyon about the meeting and she allegedly threatened to stab him.

Donny started to film the altercation at 2:47 a.m.

“Within the video I could clearly identify Meghan (Kenyon) on the video holding something behind her back screaming at the top of her lungs for Donny to be mean to girls/women. Donny is pleading with Meghan to show the knife to the video and not come any closer. Several times during the incident, Donny is pleading with Meghan to move away from the door so he could leave but Meghan refuses and closes distance, walking aggressively towards Donny. Donny then keeps backing up and tells her not to come closer, but Meghan continues. You can then see Meghan raise her right arm up with the knife in an overhead fashion and continue to close distance Donny. It appears Meghan takes a swing and a scuffle ensues causing the phone to fall to the ground, but you can still hear the voices of Donny and Meghan,” according to the AJPD officer’s report.

At one point in the video she also told Donny she “wished he would die in his sleep.”

On the video, police wrote that they could hear them fighting over the knife and Donny realized he’d been stabbed and saying so in the video.

Donny gave police the blood-covered knife and a sweater he was wearing that night.

When discussing the arson, Donny told police a week prior to the blaze he had a verbal conversation with Kenyon.

Kenyon was charged with arson of an occupied structure, endangerment, criminal damage, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

She was being held on a $25,000 secured bond on charges related to the arson and $2,500 secured bond for charges related to the stabbing.

She is not currently housed inside the Pinal County Adult Detention Center and has posted bond. Her last known bond amount according to court records was a $27,500 secured bond.


Jim Headley is a reporter covering breaking news, crime and justice around Pinal County. He can be reached at jheadley@pinalcentral.com.

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