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2021 PinalCentral All-County Football Team

Player of the Year:

Angel Flores (SR, Casa Grande)


Octavious Joe (SR, Poston Butte)

First Team Offense

QB — Angel Flores (SR, Casa Grande)

RB — Octavious Joe (SR, Poston Butte)

RB — Isaiah Savoie (SO, Apache Junction)

WR/TE — Garrett Garcia (JR, Apache Junction)

WR/TE — Demetrius Garrett (SR, Casa Grande)

WR/TE — Hunter Clare (JR, Combs)

OL — Nick Anaya (SR, Casa Grande)

OL — Cade Alisa (JR, Poston Butte)

OL — Robert Maldonado (SR, Santa Cruz Valley)

OL — Tanzor Gil (SR, Santa Cruz Valley)

OL — Raymond Sampaga (SR, Sequoia Pathway)

FLEX — Drew Dalmacio (SR, Poston Butte)

First Team Defense

DL — Bobby Gaitan (JR, Poston Butte)

DL — Kyrese Banks (SO, Sequoia Pathway)

DL — Brodee Tucker (SR, Combs)

LB — Norien Banks (SO, Sequoia Pathway)

LB — Ian Palm (JR, Maricopa)

LB — Connor Wiles (JR, Combs)

LB — Riley Nolan (SR, Poston Butte)

DB — Amari Gilmore (SR, Poston Butte)

DB — Andon Diaz (JR, Casa Grande)

DB — Jalil Bishop (SO, Coolidge)

DB — Devon Elliot (SR, ALA-Ironwood)

FLEX — Jyrie Gamble (SR, Sequoia Pathway)

First Team Special Teams

K — Juan Castaneda (SR, Poston Butte)

P — Tad Lynch (SR, Coolidge)

RS — Tre Lacey (SR, Sequoia Pathway)

Second Team Offense

QB — Gavin Limongello (JR, Apache Junction)

RB —RJ Keeton (SR, Casa Grande)

RB — Ricardo Alaniz (SR, Santa Cruz Valley)

WR/TE — Deandray Kelley (JR, Casa Grande)

WR/TE — Anthony Flores (SR, Casa Grande)

WR/TE — Kyree Washington (JR, Maricopa)

OL — Brendan Maas (SO, ALA-Ironwood)

OL — Jason Gonzales (SR, Florence)

OL — Denzel Glass (SR, Coolidge)

OL — Daniel Ahlman (SR, Vista Grande)

OL — J.C. Taylor (SR, Apache Junction)

FLEX — Tyrese Constable (SR, Vista Grande)

Second Team Defense

DL — Derrick Kuykendall (SR, Casa Grande)

DL — Ryan King (SR, Florence)

DL — Jakob Valentine (JR, Apache Junction)

LB — Jake Sylvestre (SR, Casa Grande)

LB — Weston Klee (SR, Sequoia Pathway)

LB — Ammon Craig (JR, Combs)

LB — Caden Rodriguez (JR, Poston Butte)

DB — Isaac Sandoval (SR, Florence)

DB — Caleb Garcia (JR, Maricopa)

DB — Markel Lewis (JR, Vista Grande)

DB — Adrian Brown (SR, Santa Cruz Valley)

FLEX — Fernando Moya (FR, Vista Grande)

Second Team Special Teams

K — Josh Villa (JR, Casa Grande)

P — Jett Brewster (FR, ALA-Ironwood)

RS — Aidan Contreras (JR, Poston Butte)

Honorable Mention

Wrangler Guilliams (ALA-Ironwood)

Dashawn McDaniel (Maricopa)

Max Rodriguez (Santa Cruz Valley)

Kevin White Jr. (Casa Grande)

Travis Mbuya (ALA-Ironwood)

Victor Aguirre (Florence)

Keith Gray (Poston Butte)

Comar Jeffries (Coolidge)

Beau Cotherman (San Tan Foothills)

Cornell Reed Jr. (Sequoia Pathway)

Justin Evans (Poston Butte)

Davin Ethington (Santa Cruz Valley)

Augustin Chiang (Coolidge)

Keire Earl (Maricopa)

Jaylen Morris (Maricopa)

Luke Luna (Casa Grande)

Grant Johnson (Casa Grande)

Connor Lopez (Poston Butte)

Wyatt Ogle (Santa Cruz Valley)

Tyshaun Mooney (Sequoia Pathway)

Emilio Soto (San Tan Foothills)

Connor Ferguson (Coolidge)

Dematris Azcueta (Casa Grande)

Lukas Potter (Poston Butte)

Javier Valero (Vista Grande)

Bishop Rhoads (San Tan Foothills)

Tanner Price (Combs)

Gaven Thrower (Poston Butte)

Thomas Luna (Poston Butte)

Tanner Hale (Combs)

Christopher Vaccaro (Apache Junction)

Hunter De La Cruz (Apache Junction)

Alex Ramirez (Apache Junction)

Tommy Carberry (Florence)

Daven Neal (Florence)

Prestin Poecker (Vista Grande)

Adyn Castillo (Casa Grande)

Connor Mault (ALA-Ironwood)

William Webber (Sequoia Pathway)

Damion Lyons (Sequoia Pathway)

Jeffery Earls (Sequoia Pathway)

Alex Ybarra (Casa Grande)

Zion Gomez (Casa Grande)

Zander Kelly (ALA-Ironwood)

Ayden Williams (ALA-Ironwood)

Gustav Hogedal (ALA-Ironwood)

Aun-Jre Banks-Taylor (Poston Butte)

Jakhi Robertson (Poston Butte)

Anthony Eriacho (San Tan Foothills)

Haloa Hall (Santa Cruz Valley)

Angelo Tapia (Vista Grande)

Kenyon Caldwell (Vista Grande)

Wayna Brookshire (Coolidge)

Chase Theabold (Combs)

Austin Ficek (Combs)

Curtis David (Sequoia Pathway)

Anthony Hood (San Tan Foothills)


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